The Creative Life in San Miguel Allende

¨If you are a traveler, wanderlust or just a tourist you MUST visit San Miguel de Allende ¨

San Miguel de Allende Rocks

I´m going to tell you a little bit of this small town located in Guanajuato, México…  I Love it because it´s so colorful full of art, good food (specially healthy, vegan & vegetarian) , great people, traditions and is surrounded by nature.

¨San Miguel is an intersection of so many things at once,  as avant-garde as it is ancient that it is timeless¨

Callejoneadas en San Miguel

Here is a list of places I recommend you should definitely visit:

Breakfast Mood:

  • Cafe Oso Azúl
  • Cafe Rama
  • Mercado Sano
  • Lavanda Cafe


  • Namuh Studio
  • Cuna_Quince
  • Mixta San Miguel
  • Artes de México

Good Food for foodie LOVERS 

  • Moxi Restaurant
  • Rosewood Hotel ¨It also has a GREAT VIEW¨
  • Patio of ten ten at Hospicio
  • Mamma Mia

Art Galleries:

  • Fabrica ¨La Aurora¨
  • Sala Literaria Bellas Artes
  • Artisan Market Place
  • Galeria Nudo

Museums & Just Walk through 

  • Casa Allende
  • Parroquia San Miguel
  • Parque Benito Juarez
  • Moebius (bookstore)

Ice Cream 

You should definitely try kumorah_hfritos

There are a lot of places you should visit just grab a coffee , tea, smoothie , beer or anything you like and get lost is this wonderful town ¡¡¡


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