Baja California : a Must Go ¡¡¡

Casitas Colibrí at Todo Santos


If you want to breathe tranquility and peace the state of Baja California Sur in México have really nice cities to live in or just to go on vacation.

San Jose del Cabo is a small city in Baja it´s full of really nice hotels, beaches, places to go and really nice people that will help you in giving you all the information you need to have the best vacations.

If you go to the main street you will find a place named Plaza el Pescador and you´ll find a lot of restaurants the one I recommend is one name The Gallery , the owners of the place are the best¡ You´ll find really nice people with all kind of ideas to give you always the best food. Other restaurants that I recommend are Rock & Brews (if you feel like eating pizza and rock and roll), El Fish & Grill, Jazz Taps Bar and El Espontáneo. For the night La Lupita, La Osteria, Marinero Borracho, the Drift and If you´re feeling like dancing a Bar named 11:11 that really rocks .


As soon as you wake up go and visit Flora´s Field Kitchen, Huerta los Tamarindos (for organic food) Gula Sana, Or Lolita´s Cafe for breakfast all of them are really good and have nice views. Then you should go for a Coffee to the Coffee Lab or the Wine Shop and go for a walk to the Historic Center of San Jose your will find stores and the Cathedral.

When you´re done walking , you should go a take a break to the beaches I had visit East Cape,Cabo Pulmo, Chileno Bay, Santa Maria, Palmilla, Acapulquito and Cabo Surf for surfers.

Cabo Pulmo

is a national marine park on the coast of the Sea of Cortez, you´ll find the best diving lessons, you can also do some hiking and you will see magical sunsets.

Chileno Bay

is a small public beach without services but were you can enjoy doing some snorkel, paddle surf, kayak and just relax with the view and the sound of the waves that come and go, the color of the sand is clear.

Santa Maria Bay

is also a Public Beach next to Chileno but this one has bathrooms and showers it´s really nice too you will find people in boats really close , you can do some activities like paddle surf if you don´t have a paddle board you´ll find a guy that rent them. This bay is protected marine sanctuary , the water is usually calm and you´ll love to snorkel you´ll see beautiful fishes, turtles and manta rays.

Having fun at Santa Maria Bay

Balandra Beach

is located outside the City of La Paz, Baja California the color of the water is cerulean blue and the color of the sand is almost white , that beach is incredible you can swim, you can do some kayak and snorkel too, there you´ll find a mushroom shaped rock that is considered an icon of the peace for you to get there you can swim or walk to the other side if the beach it´s really nice. You also have to carry food, and everything else that you are going to need because is a virgin beach so you´ll find nothing.

Kayak at Balandra Beach

I really have to many places to talk about Baja California, La Paz, Loreto, Ensenada, they have the most beautiful sunsets, views, beaches, places, food and people you can meet.

Other thing that you can do while your vacation in Cabo is turtle releasing… During the months of September, October and November you´ll find camps near Cabo that explain their mission which is to create hope and new awareness on the conservation of sea turtles an the environment in general As soon as you get their start explaining about it , then they take you where all the turtle eggs are and you start digging, you have to be very careful because if you push to hard you can kill a turtle because they´re supposed to be out of the egg already. While you are digging and start finding the turtles you have to count all of them,  you can get like more than one hundred ¡¡ Can you imagine it´s really cool and it´s a lovely experience.. when everyone finish all the groups go to the sea an at the three-count everyone release the baby turtles .

Releasing turtles

I´ll be writing and sharing my trips with you , I hope you like them If you are planning a trip to México please let me know so I can help you giving you tips for where to stay and places to visit.

Love you all ¡


The Creative Life in San Miguel Allende

¨If you are a traveler, wanderlust or just a tourist you MUST visit San Miguel de Allende ¨

San Miguel de Allende Rocks

I´m going to tell you a little bit of this small town located in Guanajuato, México…  I Love it because it´s so colorful full of art, good food (specially healthy, vegan & vegetarian) , great people, traditions and is surrounded by nature.

¨San Miguel is an intersection of so many things at once,  as avant-garde as it is ancient that it is timeless¨

Callejoneadas en San Miguel

Here is a list of places I recommend you should definitely visit:

Breakfast Mood:

  • Cafe Oso Azúl
  • Cafe Rama
  • Mercado Sano
  • Lavanda Cafe


  • Namuh Studio
  • Cuna_Quince
  • Mixta San Miguel
  • Artes de México

Good Food for foodie LOVERS 

  • Moxi Restaurant
  • Rosewood Hotel ¨It also has a GREAT VIEW¨
  • Patio of ten ten at Hospicio
  • Mamma Mia

Art Galleries:

  • Fabrica ¨La Aurora¨
  • Sala Literaria Bellas Artes
  • Artisan Market Place
  • Galeria Nudo

Museums & Just Walk through 

  • Casa Allende
  • Parroquia San Miguel
  • Parque Benito Juarez
  • Moebius (bookstore)

Ice Cream 

You should definitely try kumorah_hfritos

There are a lot of places you should visit just grab a coffee , tea, smoothie , beer or anything you like and get lost is this wonderful town ¡¡¡


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